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What To Expect From Me

If you are looking for a quick fix or tits on a stick please refrain  from contacting me.

I resemble more of a 17th century Bouguereau of Aphrodite.  Like the Goddess, I will take you to places of your intrinsic sexuality you have always or never knew you desired.

My intimate residence provides a place to dance freely, get dirty, wash clean and escape from the clutches of reality.

I will always be freshly showered, shaved, and dolled to perfection.

I am no longer taking outfit requests but I assure you that I will always look lovely and be appropriately dressed for any occasion.



What I Expect From You

You must be at least 25 or older. If you look incredibly young I may ask for age verification.

I do not discriminate because of race/weight/gender affiliation.  


Please let me know if you will need to bathe as I have a shower available.

Anything you want licked or need "special attention" on must be clean-shaved.

**I am 420 friendly.  I am not a big drinker but I do not mind if you want to bring alcoholic beverages.  I do NOT do elicit drugs so please LEAVE THEM AT THE DOOR!**

**If I arrive at your residence or hotel and there is apparent drug use I will expect to be compensated for my travels and I will leave!**

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