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To Contact Me:

720.624.9701 Text Only (If you would like a phone call you must go through screening and schedule a time for the phone call.)

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Located near I-25 and 20th Street


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How to Guide:

* Please be polite and respectful when you contact me. A          simple introduction is appreciated.

* I will not respond to rude, crass or vulgar messages. I will        not respond to messages asking if I provide specific                activities. 

* If you send me pictures of your genitalia, you will be put on    my Do-Not-See list.

* I do not negotiate my donation so please do not ask.

* New clients may be asked to provide a 50% non-                    refundable deposit to secure a first appointment

* If you cancel your first appointment I may decide to not          reschedule with you.


* SCREENING IS MANDATORY! My comfort and safety should    matter to you too. I take privacy and discretion very                seriously and will never share any of your screening                materials.

* Screening can take some time so if you are someone who      requires same day appointments, I encourage you to pre-        screen in advance. People who have been screened take          priority over those who have not.

* I always prefer references. References are required if you        request our first meeting to be an outcall. References must      be reputable and have reviews and/or a website.

* Newbies/No references: I will require "real world"                    information. Be ready to provide two types of verification as    in some type of photo ID, LinkedIn profile, business website    etc...

* On ID's I will need to be able to see your full legal name,          picture and date of birth. Anything else may be redacted for    privacy.

* Scheduling is first come first served. I do not hold time            slots for appointments that you can "maybe" make.

* I do not send pictures to "prove to you that I am real."

  All the proof you need is in the links I have provided on the    left of this page.

* You must be 25 or older to book with me.

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